Infinite fun! Online sampler curated by Dublab

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The crate digging collective, Dublab asked some of their favorite sonic sculptors to create a few 8 second Loops for their “Infinity Project. The project’s theme celebrates the circular, spinning vinyl and the never ending loops that can be sampled from them.
Dublab then compiled all these sounds onto an online sampler pad. So now anybody can control this celebrity sample pad featuring Odd Nosdam. Lucky Dragons, Flying Lotus and many more. You can even control the trigger method with your keyboard and click with the mouse. I wonder how time I will spend getting lost in sonic…its fun. go play:

The Fugs 1968- Existential Mutant Poetry

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You can tell that The Fugs have a Zappa-esque sense of humor just from the titles of their songs (i.e “Kill for Peace” and “Coca-Cola Douche”), but also an awareness to how the Post-modern world of the late sixties would conitnue to evolve (or devolve) and mutate into a world where liberalism has been watered down to a bland, pulpy concoction that maakes me want to vomit.

My girl dug this LP out of some South Jersey crate as a birthday present for me. My cover has a blue tint to it.

Anywho, these guys are hilarious and have a way with words. Check out these songs and interviews from 1968 Swedish TV. (The beginning of Part 2 is especially amazing).

Aphrodite’s Child – Greek Psych ’69

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Aphrodite’s Child are Greek psych heads from a Golden Age of rock who can give you the mustache ride of your life. I copped this 45 on Ebay. It wasn’t a steal but for this gem the price was well worth it. The B-side, “Magic Mirror” delivers some great international psych out rock. The spinning record opens up a portal, sucking you into the time/place they’re coming from, which happens to be my favorite period for rock and roll. Walk around this new land and allow the trippy vocal effects and nasty organs to make your face drip, while the razor sharp guitar saws through your skull. give it a listen and be jealous of the waxxx…

The Greatest Article Ever Written – Lester B-B-B-BANGS

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The Greatest Album Ever Made – by Lester Bangs

It has been suggested that in my annual regress report to the stockholders, published here last month, I neglected in all five thousand words to ever once mention why Metal Machine Music is a good album. So here, especially in light of Coney Island Baby, are the reasons:

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Atlas Sound 10/20/09

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This untitled jam is from Last weeks Atlas Sound show at Le Poisson Rouge is a deliciously dreamy trip with two kinds of poppy elements (the catchy little melody and the spaced out addictiveness of heroin). Saw this the next night and the show really was amazing. People have been complaining about the chemistry with backup band, The Selmanaires but I enjoyed the new Logos material with Live instrumentation. The version of “Sheila” and “Walkabout” that were performed sound so much more vibrant and full of life. This more than made up made up for my fairly disappointed feelings from the All Tomorrow’s Parties’ performance. Bradford rules

DJ’s save lives

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A DJ isn’t just somebody who plays music at parties. The mysticism of a truly great DJ is created by re-contextualizing music. DJ’s dedicated to the art of crate digging are bringing the dead and forgotten back to life through portals opened by the powers of grooved wax.

Grandmaster Flash

Roc Raida…..RIP

Waking Up on Sunday…

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I found out this morning that 6am is actually the prime time to listen to Lightning Bolt