Live Music: Covered in Heroin, Golden Triangle Murder The B-52’s in Brooklyn

    Golden Triangle aftermath

    Golden Triangle aftermath

    Covered in flour, no baby powder, no heroin? I emerge from Rockstar Bar full of a mix of Colt 45, delicious Brews from the tap and a little grass; fully satisfied yet not really sure what just happened. The next morning I awoke in a daze with a feeling that something vicious had happened the night before. I began to remember the shit show that was the VICE/ COLT 45 sponsored FINAL performance for the band LIVE FAST DIE. Then memories slowly started to resonate in my brain. I got a cold shiver sent up my spine as I recalled the brutal, sexually charged journey into the Golden Triangle. One word:ROCKANDFUCKINROLL.

    sharing heroin with the crowd

    sharing heroin with the crowd

    The Rockstar Bar located in the Boondocks of Williamsburg Brooklyn was poppin off harder than one would have thought after walking past deserted buildings, various factories, and some cool looking art studios/warehouse apartments. It seemed as though we had just stepped into an environment perfect for graffiti, crack smoking, and/or getting a tugger in the back of your car with little to no hassle from cops or even the dreaded concerned citizen. I felt at home in this strangely serene brooklyn art haven.
    The Party started cookin with some epic 45 rpm Records spinning off the Needle of DJ PIZZA PARTY KEV…  Starting off with Suicide’s “Ghost Rider” and throwing in many punk fusion, power pop tracks that included Australia’s garage psych version of the Beatles; The SunnyBoys. After that the alcohol began to melt my brain into a puddle of fun so I can’t really get more specific on the tracks that were spinning, but boy were they ever. Along with the rest of the room….Big up to Kevin for pushing the party in the right direction and basically forcing me to get super loaded because of the raw power infused into the vinyl that permeated through the bar. Little did I know that this was just a precursor to the madness that would soon unfold.Thanks to Colt 45 the crowd was ready for some live tunes. The atmosphere in the bar had grown more and more hectic as the first performance crept closer. With the two female lead singers off the stage at eye level with the crowd, each armed with a tambourine, the band blasted into their first song as i blasted into the spontaneously serendipitous mosh pit of 5 that steadily gained and lost participants throughout the set. The girls seemed completely unfazed as male and female crowd members alike rocked out face to face with them; unflinching as fists, heads and bodies flew inches from their faces, gyrating and clanging with a powerful stare that said “we came to ANNIHILATE!”
    Golden Triangle’s performance gets you loaded up and shot out of a punk rock snot rocket into a time warp of fuzzy psychedelic garage rock with a type of sexual energy that comes few and far between these days. Co-Frontwoman Carly Rabalais and guitarist OJ San Felipe seem to love interacting with the crowd. The two become not only performers but two of the wildest members in the crowd. Carly emerses herself in the crowd while belting out electric femininity and emitting super cool vibes that spread throughout the crowd just as the sonic guitar waves that OJ blasts from atop the crowd; surfing on the hands of his audience and walking on the celing of his venue. OJ is a wild little firecracker once he is in kill mode and his phasers were set on destroy this evening.

    OJ is BOSS

    OJ is BOSS

    At the end of the performance there were drums strewn about after being thouroughly abused and the stage/ crowd were covered in the finest heroin straight from the area the band is name for. The word on street is that they all met in Souteast Asia while working on an opium farm (forealz yo). People came for the Colt but stayed for the amazingly potent and equally addictive Golden Triangle.

    (yea I know it was Live Fast Die’s final show, but i was smashed and Golden Triangle is still together so live in the future baby!)

    – $ean

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~ by foreverfuture on August 5, 2009.

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  1. that show was in williamsburg

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