WTF did we do before youtube? : NO DEACHUNTER

THIS IS A MONDO PULL! I found it before Pitchfork posted it. thats right I’m doper than Pitchfork…

This is actually Dan Deacon, No Age, and Deerhunter all performing an awesome version of “Cryptograms”. This is the song that introduced me to Deerhunter. now they are one of my favorite bands playing with Dan the man Deacon???? FUCKIN WHAT! I was at the show the day after this but the stage set up didn’t allow them to jam together I guess. Thank god for YOUTUBE BABAY!

Thanks to this youtube user who filmed a whole lot of the first No Deachunter show in Baltimore. Check out more of their stuff on their page.

GUY WERNER PULLS!  Click for more No Deachunter

Also check out Ed SCharader’s performance. Ed is one of the openers and although his music is by far the most minimal on the tour, it is full of soul and personality that meshes great with the headliners. My favorite of the openers on the tour, Ed’s lyrics describe a unique perspective on our modern world, from singing about a “Beautiful transvestite in the rain” Ed also suggests “We could start a nuclear Woodstock” while wailing like a punk poltergeist about having nothing to do. Check out Ed get dirty:

~ by foreverfuture on August 6, 2009.

One Response to “WTF did we do before youtube? : NO DEACHUNTER”

  1. ed schrader is the man.

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