Stick Your Fist into an Oozing Wall of Distorted, Pulsating Psychedelic Noise : BLACK DICE

I just found out that the most sonically slimy BLACK DICE released a super limited edition 7″inch on Catsup Plate that I am trying to get my hands on. I found the download but i want this one for my collection. Black Dice come in your right ear and tear that party up; I’m talking graffiti on the walls, punching dudes in the face, putting acid in the punch type tear that party up, and come out your left ear an oozing pile of muck. Thats your brain melting people, just stuff it back in and stick your head in the freezer…

b dicve

Black Dice- Chocolate Cherry:

Check out All Tomorrow’s Parties up in Monticello, NY in early September. Black Dice, Animal Collective, and a ton more people who rule. I have tickets to staurday and with the full line-up announced I want a Sunday ticket too. Scoop up tickets before it’s too late.


~ by foreverfuture on August 8, 2009.

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