Wavves: PULLLING even HARDER Since the Media Declared his Demise





Wavves is a guy named NAthan Williams. The dude skateboards, drinks, smokes, and yells at festival crowds in Barcelona. If you have never heard of Wavves then you wouldn’t even know that about 2 months ago Nathan went on stage at this big festival in Barcelona super loaded on a variety of substances and heckled the crowd, pissed off his drummer, and then got the plug pulled on the rest of his set. If you wanted to see Wavves play his songs that day then i guess you got fucked over, but in my opinion thats a pretty interesting thing to see happen right in front of your face. People began talking about it in overwhelming numbers after a youtube video hit the internet. This digital media source that we love so dear really took this situation and jerked it off with ashy, callus covered hands til it was nice and scabby. From the reports it may have seemed like Nathan would never be coming back after he canceled the rest of his European tour.

One thing that the internet and celebrity news has done to our culture is cause ourselves to lose a certain sense of humanity that can’t be translated digitally. When I read the reports I thought “Sounds like Wavves just got fucked up and had a bad show. He has been touring all the time since he blew up like 8 months ago. Sounds like a hard thing to deal with” Shouldn’t that have been everybody’s reaction? Shouldn’t we try to empathize with “celebrities” instead of simply judging their actions at face value?

Well fuck off drama mamas because Nathan has released 2 new tracks that will make you ride their Wavves, only to crash into the blissfully raw fuzz pop that is Nathan Williams.

“Cool Jumper” is the most dense and complex sounding material I have heard from WAVVES. It features Zach Hill, the drummer from the band HELLA. the drums kick and sound like they should be on a heavy metal track, but they are on a Wavves track which makes for a great new sound.

I also love how the track “Mickey Mouse” adds psychedelic loops and a Hand clap beat that Nathan beautifully worked in with his normal distorto, doo wop punk. I am however worried that the staff at Pitchfork all spontaneously blew their load when they realized it could be accurately described as “Lo- Fi Animal Collective”

~ by foreverfuture on August 12, 2009.

One Response to “Wavves: PULLLING even HARDER Since the Media Declared his Demise”

  1. “staff at Pitchfork all spontaneously blew their load” ahaha, good article. that cool jumper track is fressshhh.

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