First Unitarian Sweat-Shop : LIGHTNING BOLT drowns philly in sonic death

Twas the usual battle one would expect from knowing even the slightest bit about LIGHTNING BOLT, but the battle wasn’t what made this one extra sloppy with slop sauce. It was the battleground my friends.

The First Unitarian Church in Philly has been holding wild shows in the depths of its basement for years. The basement is super small…It was sold out………it was so fucking hot. Everyone was sweating within 2 minutes of the gruesome twosome’s onslaught of power punk fire fueled by overdriven distorto metal.

The death box factor didn’t affect the front of the crowd’s candor as people got punched (definitely saw some girls take a couple harsh tokes), headbutted (me and many others I’m sure), and sweated on (everybody). The back of the crowd was real calm which allowed people to take breaks and breathe then jump back into the mix and allowing others to take a backseat while still being close to the action. Fresh Air was tough to find anywhere within 20 feet of the band

I’m pretty sure the power was shorted a couple times because of the complete and utter rawness of bass maniac Brian Gibson. His custom setup makes some insanely sonic noise modulate through an array of effects which you can peep in this diagram provided by Gibson’s WIkipedia Page. Ahhh, the internet:

“I feel like it’s taken me years and years to develop this insane setup that I have … if somebody got my guitar set … they’re just gonna be good: whatever you do sounds good through it. You know, just plucking the strings.” -Gibson from the 2003 documentary The Power of Salad

Underneath the massive sound waves coming from Brian Gibson is deep and constant pounding intermixed with fuzzy indecipherable words being shouted from Brian Chippendale’s psycho clown death shroud. Chippendale was involving the crowd in some friendly banter between songs that left most wondering what the crap he was saying. The only thing i understood was when he made fun of the opening comedian (seen above).

Chippendale motioned people forward for what was unbeknownst to us, the last song. One person climbed on stage. A few seconds later 2 more people were on stage and before I knew it I’m right in the front row instead of the back of the mosh pit. The stage was packed and for the core fans who have seen them before I’m sure this was exactly what they wanted to do the whole time as Lightning Bolt was famed for playing off stage normally.

The last jam caused an epic surge of energy throughout the crowd and by the end of it I was disappointed to realize it was indeed the final tune. This guy who was on stage immediately started pushing people to get off the stage to get out of the venue. I don’t think they liked the direction the show was moving for the Church’s sake.

Check Out Lightning Bolt’s New record out October 13th on LOAD

The Band played this NEW TRACK “COLOSSUS” that will be on the album


~ by foreverfuture on September 3, 2009.

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