You Should Be Listening to: SILK FLOWERS

Silk Flowers

Silk Flowers mixing up some head bobbing dungeon disco

“Two Fangs down!” -Dracula, after listening to the new Silk Flowers record out on Post Present Medium

Being Dracula’s favorite new band; Silk Flowers naturally gush thick, dark synth blood. I found it hard to take the vocals seriously at first, as images of Andre the Giant singing Joy Division came to mind, but have come to find this spooky, monotone aesthetic a perfect compliment to the band’s sound. The band works with simple electro/acoustic drum beats and only a handful of synth and sampled sounds per song, which mostly hover at the lower end of 2 minutes. These short but sweet moments are cradled by warm ambient textures and fierce, rhythmic melodies that constantly create new colors and sensations.  The punk infused synth textures are dark and gloomy, yet at the same time hopeful as if  trapped in a London dungeon, trying to break free by concocting an audible onslaught of experimental post-punk.

I didn’t think it was possible for me to be this into their music after my first glimpse into their tiny closet of a practice space, but I just ordered their record and plan on seeing them at Mercury Lounge on October 4th

One of their more sinister tracks, Night Shades is a late night freak out, driving along a city skyline.

and here they are on VICE tv’s awesome series, PRACTICE SPACE.

~ by foreverfuture on September 11, 2009.

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