Audio/Visual Dream Festival – Panda Bear and Animal Collective @ ATP New York


pb atp

P   A   N   D   A       B   E   A   R

Feeling surges of warmth fluttering through my blood stream, anticipation was building as Panda Bear’s set was creeping closer.He really wasted no time, on stage for about 30 seconds before triggering the first sample, not stopping for close to an hour. Coming onto the stage seven minutes early and leaving 4 minutes late, Panda Bear gave us close to an hour set instead of the 45 minutes he was allotted, not even acknowledging the stagehand poking at his side in an attempt to tell Panda that he was already a few minutes over his time.

Noah Lennox is a fucking talented chef. He cooked this performance to perfection. It was WELL-DONE and I mean charred to the bone. Though not an all out burst of energy, the sound ebbed and flowed like an ocean of sonic, technicolor celebration with moments ranging from pure bliss to others of heavenly space beauty. The visuals transported the audience into a world of psychedelic warmth creating the perfect antidote for people who can’t stand the lack of physical movement and technical ambiguity from this kind of performance.  No guitar wtf?

The set starts out with what I thought was a brand new song. Apparently the first half of it is some sort of new incarnation, but acts more as an intro to the completely remixed and refurbished Animal Collective tune, “Chores”. Along with a super thumpin’ “I’m Not”  were my favorite tunes from the set and would love to hear studio creation of this. The rest of the set includes the Notwist remix “Boneless” , an interesting solo interpretations of “Daily Routine” and “#1”, as well as 2 more Brand New songs, and the quintessential track off of Person Pitch “Bros”.

The sound was absolutely AMAZING at this festival. It cannot be reinterpreted through digital files, but the download up top sure does come close. Put it on with the iTunes visuals and pretend like you were there.

I took Some cell phone footage and matched the audio from the recording above to it exactly. It seems to be the only footage that has popped up so far. I have some more that I will be uploading soon to give more of an idea of how dope the visuals were.

A   N   I   M   A   L         C   O   L   L   E   C   T   I   V   E

ac atp


This recording doesn’t come ANYWHERE close to matching this show’s sound quality. The sound was juicier and more full than anything I have ever heard in my life. I have seen AC 5 times in the last year in clubs and outdoor festivals and this put them all to shame. This was exactly how the band is supposed to sound. No album or live performance has stimulated my sense of sound like this show and the other performances I saw on this sound system.

The visuals for this performance were also on another level.  Stage lights created the illusion that the giant flowers on their massive backdrop were changing colors; backyard BBQ style lanterns were strung from either side of the stage, blinking on and off in different patterns of succession like fireflies on a warm summer night; and a giant orb hung over the trio projecting psychedelic images of glowing patterns, bird’s eye views of city life, and Fireworks. The images and sounds created a sense of warmth that made for a perfect end to the summer. The set wasn’t anything new if you have been following the band since the release of Merriweather Post Pavillion , but the ATP sound system along with intricate lighting and intimate setting made this performance one for the record books. The highlight for me was the reworked, bouncy hip-hop version of “WHO COULD WIN A RABBIT”. It blew my mind into another dimension where my legs were made of rubber and brain of mush as i bounced and swayed to this glorious breeze of sonic delight.

This video shows a glimpse into what this performance was all about. Somebody needs to find a way to download this because i can’t embed it or make it bigger.,…Sorry but it will give the idea of the visuals for sure..

I don’t think there can be a cooler festival experience than All Tomorrow’s Parties. I was there for Friday and Saturday and am forever regretting not just splurging for the Sunday ticket and Kutsher’s reservations from the get go. I want to go back now!!!

Celia and I waiting for the Collective

Random pic I found of me and my girl on BrooklynVegan (click for more great pics) of us waiting for AC. It was a great way to end the weekend and a perfect way to end this post.

~ by foreverfuture on September 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Audio/Visual Dream Festival – Panda Bear and Animal Collective @ ATP New York”

  1. sounds amazing. this post made me so happy. thanks.

  2. My pleasure.

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