The Fugs 1968- Existential Mutant Poetry

You can tell that The Fugs have a Zappa-esque sense of humor just from the titles of their songs (i.e “Kill for Peace” and “Coca-Cola Douche”), but also an awareness to how the Post-modern world of the late sixties would conitnue to evolve (or devolve) and mutate into a world where liberalism has been watered down to a bland, pulpy concoction that maakes me want to vomit.

My girl dug this LP out of some South Jersey crate as a birthday present for me. My cover has a blue tint to it.

Anywho, these guys are hilarious and have a way with words. Check out these songs and interviews from 1968 Swedish TV. (The beginning of Part 2 is especially amazing).

~ by foreverfuture on December 24, 2009.

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